Video Conferencing & Webconferencing

IRC Multimedia is offering video conferencing capabilities free of charge. The available video conferencing system is located in the video conference room SH-229 in South Hall. Find all important information and our policies here Booking Request Infos. We also offer a web conferencing service using DFN Web Conferencing Service or just Skype. The difference is that a video conferencing system requires a similar hardware system on the remote site. Please contact us for more information. If you just quickly want to setup a Skype conference you can borrow a desktop system from the IRC Multimedia Center.

seminar room webconference







PHD Defense with a remote assessor using Skype
We are using a special combination of hardware to enhance Audio and Video quality. Our IRC Seminar Room proved to be the perfect room for PHD defenses. Please contact us if you want to use this free service.